Friday, December 30, 2011

The journey over convex shapes


Points, drawn, they move to the horizon,
Drawn, connected to gravity,
Heavy gravity,
Points, of high frequency,
In a low threshold of space,
The combination of Red Blue and Green,
White light,

And I journey over deep convex curves,
And into concave circles!

And the combination of all red blue and green light: white! This tends towards an overload, to hurting my sense of sight!

And infrared vibrations are view,
All emitted by myself

As this frequently contrasting part of the curvature of our sphere:
Encompasses my infrared light!
Tending towards this threshold,

As over threshold of Red Blue Green,
I travel, all of it,
And dots of threshold Red Blue Green, do overload my sense of Red, Blue and Green: Sight!

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