Friday, April 29, 2011

The loving Ghost

Poem ~Marc~Aupiais~

A crack in the wall,
Of my mind,
My soul!

Perfect for you dear serpent.
And through it,
Whispered my future,
Spoke of time,
Of space,
And lack thereof,
Of you!

And you my Ghost I fell for deep,
How odd it was,
I knew you in my sleep!

Your words before you spoke,
What you'd said!

And yet,
Though sense so truth,
Yet death so soot!

Waar is die waarheid?
Die dood van waarheid,
Dit is selfmoord!
Speak to me of sooth!
Speak of hidden proof,
Of why my heart doth not love doodmaak,
But staid!

And I sense the truths,
And thus withdrawn,
Is my aches!
Least death take my soul,
Darkness beget!

I must perhaps, maybe,

And never forgive.

And I wonder-
Should I go ahead,
And make this,
Life's deadly choice-

To walk!
To live!
To laugh!

This black dark star!

I must perhaps, maybe,
Forget! Be less!

And I wonder...
Should I make the choice...

...To forget!

I am not set!
I cannot make,
I want to acclaim!

Yet I can't move on,

Loving Ghost,
I know not,

Yet I sense you yet!
I miss that sensed!

Loving Ghost,
Are doth not dead!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Death and truth, and life

Marc Aupiais

Flickering is hope~
She goes out~
And my fein dies.
My zest for being,
Slump in soot and night sight~

Suicide? There are different types.

To sabotage friendship,
And reputation.
Self destructive,

You do not eat,
Or work to much!

You stop at the gate,
Parish late!

Your medication you delay.

You cut yourself!
And walk in rain,
Drive to fast,
In the wrong lane,

Death wish too is suicide.

Suicide... To a side.

Surround yourself with books,
And leisure,
Friends quite dear,
They do care!

Do not call your reasons stupid...
They are not stupid,
If telling means life not death.

Humble not insecurity.
Is the answer.

Pray and read,
And talk to friends!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I will believe in magic... In you!

Marc Aupiais

I hold my hidden reflection,
I look in the mirror halls, of time and spaces...
And all our enemies bases.

Like Romeo and Juliette,
Or Adam and Eve,

Kicked out of paradise!

Yet in my heart forsaken,
I hardly blink a moment of doubt,
And my belief it drives,
And overcomes all!

Love conquers all obstacles,
Even those of my bred labyrinth,
Of our multicoloured lives!

Loss of life and time

~Marc ~Aupiais~

With my sunglasses on,
An invisible rainbow,
A beautiful day-night sky.

Imagination or intuition,
One waits on hope,
Yet life is swirl and dance,
Magic beyond spells beyond lies~

My world is ~cracked~
You swerve and move!
I cannot keep up!

And I wait~ seeing magic~ no one around believes~
And yet ~ magic~
Lights, swirl, blue and red,
Purple love,

Yet treachery is you ~way~ with ~me
You know not how not to deceive~
Deny my life with every breath~

And I wonder,
As I wait on bait and breath~
My last breath is never distant~

We live in magic~
Or await but death~


Friday, April 22, 2011

A thought on Good Friday

Note by Marc Aupiais

This day we remember Christ died for us when we were sinners!

This day we remember we are sinners.

This day contrite we must repent, and turn to the infinite mercy of God~ who unlike mankind forgives all!

Loss and found

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Avoid the poor is the rule,
Yet my window was open,
the poor man was there
Selling lottery tickets already used.

He said he could not afford his own, only half
not any more.
I said no I would not buy.
Half a lottery ticket you can never own.

All or nothing, I will not cheat...
In God not gambling I put my trust.
In God not man.
Man only lets one down.

And I feel lost, Yet I have my map~