Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't you worry about a thing

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Don't you worry about a thing,
When you are dead,
You won't need much rest!

And we'll put your ashes
in the church amongst all
the rest.

And don't concern your
self with the music;

I'm sure will enjoy your
funeral! None the less!

And in Death They'll talk
about you as in life!

As though you truly were
not still there!

But don't you worry,
You won the rosette,
Best in show,

And don't neglect you to

A lifetime membership,
And this and that!

And your children,
We will not neglect to take;
And change from what
you set out and up;

Don't you worry about a thing;
All is set for the dead!

And that trumpet you
To announce your
presence to the world

So kind of you,
After death to donate to me!

Ahh! What a wonderful thing death is;
Oh!? Are you still here!!!!

Sure be: sign quickly here;
Here and here!

For all is best in death;
All is quite good!

Oh! And remember to pay me!
Don't neglect your debts!
Or we'll have your children in the prisoner's debts!

Now! Enjoy your flight;
They always say heaven's
And so many are visited
by the dead!
But just in case,
I hope you don't mind!

We truly would like to eat
that cake you used to

As we forget .. You ever existed..
Dear : me : what a terrible waste!
Before or after the wake!

As the clock does strike;
And the funeral
Procession all well paid!

Tell me you left a good
... legacy for the children

Don't tell me,
Its all been spent aways...

Dear dear! What a waste!
And your debts to me,
That old banjo I fancied,
Old buddy, old Pal!?

Sign quickly now!
We don't want you to fade!
Just yet! Now!

That Banjo! Remember it!?

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