Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Courage, show: to be true

Snowball stretch (Picture:) by Marc Aupiais! Copyright Marc Aupiais.

Courage, show: to be true- Tempest and the Hurricane -
Poem by Marc Aupiais

Snow upon, icy soul!
I break, I cake, I fall upon a stake!
And fall upon the piles,
Your eternal Sacrifice;

And inside my soul,
Bloody snow; drip drip drip...
Broken in my soul's dear Depths!

A Christian is the salt, the light,
A gift to God,
A gift to life!

And my task,
I was made,
A gift to you,
Perfect yet!
Imperfect until,
Is where and when I'm complete,
When I stall, when I seek!

And I wonder,
I am a gift of God!
But I don't feel like one,

Not just yet~

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