Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord, avenge me

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Black and White,
Like a movie,
With countless greys!

The sky so dark;
Smudge, cloud;

And after 77 times 7 wrongs,
I ask finally,
Do not spare your rod,
Call even the smallest evil thought to account;
Ignore my prayers to stay your hand,
Ignorant of my sinful loves!

Call every small thing to account,
Leave nothing un-sought;
Nor hear my enemy's lying begging;
As upon them,
Justice you lay,
On their head!

For here I am,
Bearing all,
For their life,
In my bones,
In my life,
Of goodness,
And truthful stare!

Punish them fully,
Hold every account due;
And ready!
Forget not the smallest thought!
Neglect not the slightest sin!

Call all to account on them;
The oceans, the seas, the mountains themselves,
I declare~!

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