Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Footsteps of the Land of Nod

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Strange; noise; deadly sow;
Footsteps; in this castle fort;
I lie in bed;
Under every spell "protect";
Though my heart is the offender;
As footsteps en-croach;
From the land;
Oh! Deadly Land! Of Nod; Nod; Nod!

And as I doze; Upon my bed;
I see; Oh! Crystal;
Will you not clear!
I see you; always there!
My dear! In this! The Land!
The Land of Nods!

And I fear; and I seer my soul;
Upon the land of Nod;
As I nod and nod;
And wonder if I shall ever wake;
From this Nightmare;
A Nightingale; Upon Day!

Upon Day! And to Day I swear!
Alack! Oh! Night! You Hold Sway Dreams~somehow~ In Day!
What insanity(?)Sanity!!?

What! Obey(?)

Oh! Alack! Oh, dear!

A nightmare of day again!
In the Land! The Land of Nod!~

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