Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I care not for your connections


I care not! I say not! I care not!
I care not for your connections!
With whom you befriend!

I care not for your money!
Or where you come from!

I care only for your integrity,
That you remain in your strong threshold, deepest domain!

Sounds! Silent! To human ears!
Light! So bright! But invisible to us!
Heat! Unseen light!
All these speak to me!

Of integrity,
Domain! Threshold!
Of you to me!

Don't betray me!
Not even for me!

Restore to me,
In your domain,
My threshold, potential strength!
Withhold not in me!

But have a tight threshold against,
What is but been!
Or will be!

Hold true! To Deep threshold,
Deepest cave depths!

Catacombs! Of complexity!
Crystalline trusting truth!
Not insanity!

Hold always threshold!
It is what holds you to contrast!
And not to sinful- similarity!

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