Saturday, July 5, 2014

What there is in vocal chords?

What there is in vocal chords?

A voice can sooth one. It can rattle one to the core.

For me your voice does both: it rattles me with hope.
And yet it sooths me with the pointlessness of the almost forgotten aspiration to find within you my own truth.

What there is in vocal chord. A physical feature like a face. An aesthetic thing and not the unparallel of the mind. What there is in vocal chord. It is but a feature of beauty or not. It is beautiful your vocal chords imbue it with the deepest of light. But what there is in vocal chord? The physical beauty that creates a sound. Inherent not telling of a truth – what there is, is what always was… What there is in vocal chords is not access to the mind which controls and folds and unfolds… What there is in your vocal chords: is my comfort and my undoing. Your sound is but like your smell. The hope that resonates from your voice is as telling as your smile… What there is in vocal chords is not the essence of the soul but merely an exterior dancing of the within in hope that we might hear.

And yet I am restricted to listen upon your vocal chords’ inconsistent noise – for I cannot access the inner depths of your heart and mind. Your vocal chords are like the beauty in your eyes… Beautiful for all to hear. They are but sound but beauty imbued by God and nature… They are not the essence that once you promised to me.

I calmly listen to the sound of your voice – I do not seek to find your essence – I simply hear the wind upon your vocal chords. I cannot know what you do not seek to reveal to me of your inner essence.

Voice can sooth. Yours rattles me to the core. What is there in your vocal chords that can reveal to me any hope of any pleasant experiences except in memory – for you denied to me the essence of your life. And though I might seek some hidden word within your mouth: I seek more than simply an enigma hidden upon the disturbance of the winds which bind upon my space and upon my mind and within my essence and impregnates my soul into and in my time.

What is there in your vocal chords? If only I knew the soul that disrupts the air into the beauty of a melody: …