Saturday, September 24, 2011

The broken sun hath set, upon the greyest skies of blackest night sky

Poem by Marc Evan Aupiais

The sun! Still! Broken!
I stare! Concerned!
Will it set! Will it seem!
But it stands! Guarding!
It will not release!
Or allow darkness!
Which spills from my chalice!
Upon the hard, dark, brown, black earth!

Ashen clouds! Serenade the sun!
Darkness pledges!
Unity and some!

And the dark! Broken sun!
And disappears,
Red as my rushing artery blood!

And darkness covers every sky!
Even where the sun is up!

And the last sun does set before my eyes!
As in the background!
A grandmother clock, does tick, tick. Tick.

And then, like cardiac arrest,

And then dawn!
When no sun does rise,
Nothing will ever again set!

Joy! Overtake me! Let's make the truth set!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Joy is yellow! Orange on the burning of the night breeze!

Joy is vibrations! My soul!
Screams! Squeals, Giggles!
With vibrations of happiness extremes!

Oh! Joy! How orange!
Now honeycomb!
And joy! You full me!
You saturate, inebriates!
My veins, arteries,
And side roads to everything that does truly,
My soul now please!

Joy! Oh! Joy!
For I have taken then world!
And placed it as a stone!
In front of a tomb grave!
And it was removed!

Joy! Christian soldier!
In everything!

Seeking... In the blackness of day

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Priest he said... Be aware!
And I was! I sense God everywhere!
I sensed him in the wind,
The cool night breeze!
In the trees! They rustle and tan green leaves!

In the combustion of the car's engine!
As it rushed past me!
Full of pollution!

I sensed God in my knees;
Aching from kneeling!
And in the pretty girl I met!
Also confessing!

I sensed God is grey black once tar, upon the sky!
A painter's ashen,
Crucified brush!
And in my cold hands and face!
In the wind of a breeze!

I sensed him as the breeze did storm;
And grey clouds,
Covered! Storm!
Storm! Overtake!

As sunset skies,
Orange red!
Redeeming! Darkness!
That is! Water! Blood!

And I smile! I am overjoyed!
With my friendly lover upon air and skies!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poem by Marc Aupiais

My life! My life! My life! Is
mine alone! I lift it up! I
lay it down! It is not yours
to take! It is mine!
My life! Alone! And

My life! Love!
No longer do I protect;
So especially! That I may!
Only ever die for you! Love!
It is my life now!
My risks to take!

You have passed on me!
And my life is mine!

What is mine:
My life!
My body!
My mind!
My soul!

I take back from you love;
They are all God's alone!
God's alone! They are!
My life:


Dearest love, be gone, even dead, storm winds, blow away you, instead!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Dearest love, be gone, even dead, storm winds, blow away you, instead!

And as you, in darkness: tread,
Do not neglect;
The pool to miss, as you
throw the ducks your bread!

May you be dead;
In my Heart;
My Muse;
In my Mind;
Now, and forever,
It is, Amen!

As forward I move!
From the night!
To the dear, dear, dear light!
As around me birds fly:
Before the deadly storm,

Like a rat, abandon ship,
As you did; long past 12!
I have now, also said!

Death, to an American

Poem by Marc Aupiais

They insist!
Upon their human rights!
As long as they serve their human interests,
Not saving human lives!

They teach us morals ...
Of sorts,
And are anti-heroes!
Any wise parent is quick to oppose!
And with evil: them appose!

On the Television set...
In magazines, and multi-colour printing spread!

Enemies to all!
Especially in their death!

"Death to America",
Such an easy phrase,
Wolf's bane! ...that kills all but not them!
Bane to the world!
911 call the world Police!

And as another American dies,
All mourn!
Ignoring the thousands of the rest of us!
For the Celebrities!
The wrongly celebrated fews!
As the rest full cassettes, caskets and pews!

And write fan letters,
A million, billion tweets!
And Facebook treats!

For members of this Army,
World Police!
As bit by bit our cultures die!
And all that was deep in the world,
Is replaced by false truths!
Filmstrip thin!

As all, worship!
These! Our world police!

And indeed: "Death to America";
Is the words of worship, of praise!
An acknowledgement to slavery!
To jealousy,
Green as Al Qaeda steam!

No! World Police,
Our service is to God,
Not their God,
The real one!

Dearest loves!
Ignore America, please!

Do not mimic, or worship them,
Or their mass destruction weapons, please!

We must be better!
You must now, must now,
What we see, see!

And ignore the juggernaut,
The death bringer,
In so many orphaned lives!

This is what not, ignoring,
America achieves!

Truths.. Impracticable..

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Swirling waves, breaking sways!
Once you were my centre;
But the centre would not hold!
There are Dreams we'll never achieve! And people we must forever forsake!

Evermore! I walk in dusk!
Apart from you! Dearest Moon Goddess,
My night!
And Upon The Diety Of the Universe!
I leave my Card, and Trust!
In God alone!
The perpetual Lion!
Who helps and Destroys!
All who Ever Live!

Today! I Am!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

To Spring Clean Our Lives;
We need not Only Confess, our lives!

This I realise,
As I throw out my Indian Canoe!

What we Are! What We are not!
I throw out my compass,
I chuck out my green coloured map!

I chuck out the dreams: ... I know I'll never achieve!

I neglect my hopes in the difficult,
And focus on the everyday!

I cease to care; for that to which I need not care!
I forget your face;
Which took so long to find;

I neglect our dream;
There's no point in it!

Whatsoever! Love! Forever and Evermore!
We are done!
Live your life!
But please!
Ulterior! Always avoid!
Me and my life!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't you worry about a thing

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Don't you worry about a thing,
When you are dead,
You won't need much rest!

And we'll put your ashes
in the church amongst all
the rest.

And don't concern your
self with the music;

I'm sure will enjoy your
funeral! None the less!

And in Death They'll talk
about you as in life!

As though you truly were
not still there!

But don't you worry,
You won the rosette,
Best in show,

And don't neglect you to

A lifetime membership,
And this and that!

And your children,
We will not neglect to take;
And change from what
you set out and up;

Don't you worry about a thing;
All is set for the dead!

And that trumpet you
To announce your
presence to the world

So kind of you,
After death to donate to me!

Ahh! What a wonderful thing death is;
Oh!? Are you still here!!!!

Sure be: sign quickly here;
Here and here!

For all is best in death;
All is quite good!

Oh! And remember to pay me!
Don't neglect your debts!
Or we'll have your children in the prisoner's debts!

Now! Enjoy your flight;
They always say heaven's
And so many are visited
by the dead!
But just in case,
I hope you don't mind!

We truly would like to eat
that cake you used to

As we forget .. You ever existed..
Dear : me : what a terrible waste!
Before or after the wake!

As the clock does strike;
And the funeral
Procession all well paid!

Tell me you left a good
... legacy for the children

Don't tell me,
Its all been spent aways...

Dear dear! What a waste!
And your debts to me,
That old banjo I fancied,
Old buddy, old Pal!?

Sign quickly now!
We don't want you to fade!
Just yet! Now!

That Banjo! Remember it!?

Can't you hear: inaudible sounds

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I sat and had a chat with God.
Inspiring as it was.
I do rue to regret!

I had a chat with God!
I asked him where he learnt to forget!
How he, forgiving let you,
And others take what's mine...

I had a chat with God.
A simple, ordinary chat!
We went though a whole pot of tea!

And I asked Him!
How it is, you got so rich,
When the good, and sinful alike,
Toil under his curse!

And he answered me quite in full,
He mentioned you by name,
This God!
And offered me a cup of blackest coloured tea!

And we discussed horses,
And ponies,
And human mankind!

And birds and bees,
And humanity, your sleaze!

And he explained to me the fate of all,
This God! Of Almighty!

And as dusk neared,
Twilight overcame,

And I asked him a favour,
A simple one!

His company again for tea,
I truly enjoyed it!
Pleasant it seemed!

The problem, sadly is:
I must invite you,

So if you'd only be quiet,
And over your head a paper bag,
I think no one will have trouble,
Bringing you,
You see!

Talking to myself

Poem by Marc Aupiais

All alone. No one there.
I started a conversation.
With myself!

Slowly in my mind,
Then near whispers,
Inaudible sound,
I whispered what I spoke in mind,
And soon sang,
And a song did sing!

Of castles, dungeons, armour pieces,

You ask!

But no! This is not my song so I sing!

My song all my own,
A beat on the bar does sound!

And I sing!

And I sing!
And in my mind I write a song!
Height and depth!
My voice does sound!

Creative... Inspiring... To me! It's all that matters you see!

And as I sing, I enter rhythm and breathe!
I fall into the ocean water!
So blue-green!

A green pool!
A reservoir!

Nearby a green snake swims,
And beyond is a Lion,
Quite bayish! And yellow!

And I sing upon the mountaintops!
Slowly regurgitated my thoughts, opinions, beliefs!

And as I sing! I find a freedom!
And a death!

Death to Ghost of
Depressions past!
As hope anew has set!

And my own new song I sing,
Simple to some,
But mine each time!

A unique Aupiais melody!
Me alone! Moi! I alone sing!

The moment that wasn't... Us

Poem by Marc Aupiais

For a moment yours,
A moment, not much longer,
A moment repentant,
Of my choice to leave you!

You, not interested in my good,
You, only interested in my bad,
And in gaining selfish,
Whatever cost,

Whatever harm is done to me!

For a moment I was yours!
That moment has passed!
You, lying evil,
Truth but fantasy!

Darkest eclipse of our sun!
You, faithless spectre,
Monster in mists,
Of time and space!
Daemon of sorts,
Evil force!

A Ghost, super-preternatural!
Leave! Be Gone! Forever! Evil! Ghost!

You are not welcome in my life,
No more!

And to Hell I'd send you,
If power to, was my force!

Instead, Ghost of past!
I walk forward!
Slowly into Dawn, from Dusk!

Be gone Ghost!
You are not welcome here evermore!

Ghost of Guilt

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I'd do anything, commit any sin,
Hurt anyone, as much as need,
If only to escape your grip,
Skeletal skeleton hand,
Rub against my neck, my back,
Grasp my shoulder and my sparks!

I try escape you, any sin,
Anything to cover the curtain,
To hide the stage!

You are pain, suffering!
Ghost of guilt! You make me rue!
But goodness cannot come from you,
I weep I fight,
I'd commit any sin;

But you remain, Ghost, Ghost,
You remain!

And control my life; in entirety!
Thus affect me;
Ghostly Ghostly Deathly Saint,
Of Guilt,
Of death,
Of Destiny!

And I weep!
Any sin I'd commit,
To escape your grasp for good!

Any sin,
But you are with me always,
Deathly Ghost!
Your hand upon me,
Your breath in winds,

Oh! Ghost of Guilt,
Wilt thou not head for hell,
Or leave me be?!

But you are with me!
Until the end of the age...
Beyond... And beyond Death shall we both wade!