Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Doors, which I opened and closed

Picture: U1 Front Entrance, University of the Witwatersrand, East Campus! All Rights Reserved!

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Doors, so simple,
So complex!

I watch you live my dreams,
So almost exact,
Even my wildest fantasies?

But not with me!

Doors so big, I cannot enter,
Mayn't enter, oughtn't be allowed to enter,
But those lesser than I, enter with ease!

Doors! To parts of my soul!
I wish were closed!
But visitors enter these parts,
These dark woods!
Rightly so~

And though I opened them,
For but one!
This opening of my gates, hopes, and doors!
Only one, oughtn't be there!
It's none!

Open upon the worlds;
And our dreams unfold within these!

And alone I upon this soul- building site - eye-site-might,
Or with company- yet still alone!

Doors open upon me,
Doors open upon me,

Doors open upon me,
As I fall back!

To look, I beg,
For quiet,

Where no doors reach me,
And no man breathes!

Funny things .. !

They open upon our souls,
Our most private thoughts!

Oblivious to our world,


Yet I wish somehow to share,
My wisdom,
My hurts!

And as icy winds enter in,
I open the door,
I open the door,
I open the door,
'Til our ends do come~

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