Sunday, March 4, 2012

Orient Away, Away, And Apart

Poem. Marc Evan Aupiais...

The Path. I take. It is not less traveled.
It is not traveled, Not Ever, Not At All!

I Am All Alone, and In The Worldly Woods, Of Time And Space,
Below The Shooting Star, and The Dying Comet, Killed By Earth,
As One Once Dearly Killed, All On The Dearest Earthly compost.

And As I stare, In Starlit, Moonlit Light, And Check, My Compass Sight,

I re-orient, my orientation to my end, does shift, does slightly shift,
As I do, you alone, do, I avoid,
Dearest, Lady of Night and Sight,
Devil's own Path, would you have me step upon all alight.

Upon, this, Devil's Steps, and Devil's Creatures,
In These, Dark, Lonely, Wooded Forest.
Trees, Surround,

But I re-orient, I follow a true, and different, light, Christ.

And As the wolves, do howl, and await your corpse,
I escape the worldly woods,
Which likely, are you grave,

I look upon the valley, in this safety, mountain shade.
I look upon your corpse, not just yet still.

As you push along an empty path,
Nothing resisting,
Every step easy,

Into the Deepest, Deepest...

... .... DARK!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Labyrinth Life

Poem. By Marc Evan Aupiais...

You think you, in deathly waters: own, deadly, control me,
The dust suffocates, as stallions, race, in circles, in long trodden spoor,

You take aim at my heart, and Long Spent: Empty Soul,
With Words, and More,
A Rhythm of pounding, with ever owning rights,
 knights and nights, and flashing, multicoloured lights:
 ...and ending never ending wrongs,

You think you own me, you believe all, control my form,

You obsess, or possess me, only in your deathly tidal mental form!

And as you pursue your nights and knights,
And seek, endless, chivalrousness-void monetary sights,

You think you steer me,
But I have Another Light!

To Lead Me, with pats upon my hope... my
... bridal reign... ... not your feign sane.. bridle rein...

...Guided, in blackest:... grayness, in nose, and touch...

Through, This Darkness, Which You Truly Own,
This Deathly, Never Ending, ...Ending Night!