Saturday, May 22, 2010

A flower in your hair, a dress, all white, as snow, and your brown eyes, in them I stay

A flower in your hair, a dress, all white, as snow, and your brown eyes, in them I stay

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I fight lions for you, and men who are like lions,
One can only kill one, as it is about to strike, I know this as I hold my dear pathetic stick,
And I walk, as the ground does cake and break, and i climb the strange mountain, I have never really been seen to know,

The night is dangerous here, as I seek you out, yet move not at all, I’ve hardly left my room,
I seek for you, in nightmares, and in dreams,
In memories, which the world neglects,
I seek you, whom I betrayed,

I seek you, having become suddenly awake,
Suddenly capable, and as awake: in pain!

I seek you, my medicine and more, but not to cure me,
I seek you, in hope that I may be there, as your thing,

Will you find me, as I seek for you,
A flower in your hair, a dress, all white, as snow, and your brown eyes, in them I stay
As I dream of you, the desert in my dreams, the arctic in my blood,
And nothing much left of me as such,

I seek you out, white maiden of hope,
I search for you, whom I love when sane, and when awake,
Eyes close to the world, and the lies of sight, and sound,

I seek you out my love,
May I never cease to believe,
May I always be so deluded: or whatever the world does call me for my quest,
A flower in your hair, a dress, all white, as snow, and your brown eyes, in them I stay
And you stay in my heart, and in mine,

For nothing is like loving you, and nothing compares to being loved by you!

The Sky was jagged, the dawn was broken, the waves, did sweep me away

The Sky was jagged, the dawn was broken, the waves, did sweep me away

Poem by Marc Aupiais

The Sky was jagged, the dawn was broken, the waves, did sweep me away
Friendship lost, hopeful gone, so much gained, so much lost,
And ahead was the dawn, and jagged rocks, and by the sea, netless, as it was, I noticed fins,
I noticed sharks, and felt much sympathy with them, so much I nearly swam,
Yet, ahead, were the jagged rocks, ahead was what was hard, ahead was pain,
Daily pain, moment by minutes, second, by hour, ahead was pain, I followed it, my dear grave,
And as I entered the current, cautious of the sharks, knowing I’d cut my feet on the rocks,
As I pushed, and was swept out, I wondered how long I’d have,
And I grabbed onto the rocks, my hands now blood, and desperately pulled myself forward, as around
And beyond, a different current came, and in my pain I felt nothing, then everything, as I crawled, and jumped,
On broken feet, with broken bones,
And as I moved, in danger with ever step,
And up ahead were the jagged rocks, and by them the dawn,
And I walked, and I hopped, and I screamed, screeched like no banshee ever has,
And out-howled every wolf, as I approached dawn, not dusk, the sun which is my moon,
And around me, the fins did circle, and some did jump, as I scampered, and lunged, and as tears and blood filled my vision, and my life, and as ocean spray did fill my senses.

And as missiles, these fish did move so fast, so smooth, with no effort, in the tidal pool of life,
My fate is hardly secure, I can only try, and my heart does beat, perhaps to fill the blood I have lost,
Perhaps, to give me the strength to get past this spot,

And it’s like you are there now, watching me, as I want to give the fish, what they desire,
Out of some empathy,
And as I drip my blood into the water,
And I wonder,

Shall I go on, or fall, knowing that a strange, evil force shall catch me,
And while I crave the other, in all my pain,
I know that forward is the only way, and as the tide does come, and as the spray does spit,
And as the rocks are suddenly less secure, I leap, and hit the ground,
And wonder if it is the dawn or sunset I strive towards,
In this dusk as I hope I jump to rocks, as some of the rocks I see do quite fast, move,

Forward i head, towards what I hope as to be dawn!

Does not play much well with others

Does not play much well with others

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Does not play well, such is my title,
Does not get along, or gets along too well,
And becomes your heart, even your god,
Does not play well, much, with others,
Such is me,
I snuck into your life,
I stole your heart,
But unknown to me, you stole mine too,
And yes, I betrayed you, a thousand times,
Yet, it hit one, like the morning smog,
And I awoke, to the bright light of day,
Suddenly in pain, Suddenly not only to regain,
God’s will I asked, a fateful step,
And as the ocean did sway, my feet did move,
And to your song did I sing, and to your words did I sway,
And I died yesterday!

And while it hurts, and i do love the sunset night,
The purple of the deep dark shades,

Yet, somehow, as I ask God’s will again,
And infuse myself with it many times again,

My heart flutters and begins to beat,
And while many a person I have lost, and many a friend, long-time, no more,
Yet I look to you, my dawn, and kneel in hope of thee,
And your kiss alone I crave, as what is lost,
Is but lost, but I am no longer so lost from/to thee..!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Your bed is on fire, with Antarctic fire, you're sadly burning for me

Poem by Marc Aupiais (I really enjoyed writing this poem, it is the sort of humour which helps one become chaste)

With passionate something, you’re burning for me

You say you’re hot, it’s not only you, dear beautiful woman,
Your soul is hotter, it’s burning with hell,

You bed, may be burning, burning for me,
But you are crisp in it, dear perfectly tanned woman, a skeleton’s key,

And your best clothes’ you’re wearing, the ones you know I like,
They’re tempting to me,

Yet, the hotter we’d get the closer to hell,

You are quite hot and bothered,
To that, ma’am I attest,

Yet, are you ever hot for God anymore,
You bother him in that tempting short dress,

And you wear make-up for me,
And whatever colour you know I like,

And anything else to ease a transition from dark to night,
But I still want to choose the light, and you are no lady of the night!

And I wonder what we lost that moment,
When first you saw me different,

When first I was not human,
And when you wanted me!

When did you go from wanting to wanton,
Am I nothing to you,

Every man can fall,
Even I can, especially you, dear ma’am,

And yet, I belong to another,
A promise I made, A promise I made,

And I look to you, all dressed in black,
At your eyes, and at your mouth,

All dress up for me,
Not me,
It was never for me,

It was for you, to tempt me into you,
To change my being into something else,

And I look to you, all beautiful, and sublime,
I watch, moved by you, and your moving dress,

And I approach you death, wondering what of me is left,

And this is my light, as I approach you in the night, and as I begin to choose death over light life,
I look to you, your lips are not hers, your hands are not her hands, your hair is not hers,

I have miles to go, and promises to keep,
A promise to her, for all eternity, to be,

Whatever happened, should I be snared, caught or free,
To her my soul, my body belongs,

And should you snare me now, a million times,
I will free myself, and seek not thee,

If I were to fall three times, three times I’d seek her,
For she is mine, and I am hers,

And in my promise, and by humour, by laughing as I turn,
Laughing at what you should whisper in my ear,

I realize what I am missing, and I am hers,
What can you offer me, some infidelity?
What can you give me, anything in whole and truly,

Your panties are in a bunch,
Keep those bunched panties on,

I am not your boy toy,
Nor your someday boy whose your toy

Your panties are in a bunch,
Keep those bunched panties on,

Truly, I am hers, not but hers,
... and hers and hers and hers and hers... hear ma'am bunched panties: alone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunset Rise

Sunset Rise

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I died today, I wanted you to know,
It was not a death natural,
I died today, I breathed my last,
I could not hold onto the sun,
I could not clutch it's light,
Though I saw it set,

I died, strictly speaking murdered,
But do not look to my friends,
For my friends do mourn my death,

I died, it was not them,
They'd rather the world end than not have me,
And indeed, with my death,
Does many a world end,

I died today, do not seek my death,
You will not end my work,
For, my mere birth, did undo your hope,
For my short or long existence did undo your evil work,

Do not seek my friends, or family,
Non of them did take my breath,

Do not look to love and hate,
None of them were involved,

And my end did backfire,
For my life and death,
Both do work, to undo death!

Do not seek me in the sun,
Instead, look to my grave,
Instead look to my Lord,
Instead look to my life,

For when today does come,
Should it ever emerge as such,

If I am dead and gone,
It was for my work,
And what I was called to from birth,
If we die today, whenever it is,
If we die, it is for our work!