Thursday, July 14, 2011

Death~ dearest death

Poem by Marc Aupiais

OH! To think of my hope;
Absolute perfection assured!
A thing's end is its perfection;
Says Aquinus my Hero!

Oh! But if my end is my perfection;
Oh Paramour Death,
Great Loving Washing;

A Promise to me Sure~
OH! OH Death my lover;
You flirt with my soul;

And when I am sad and down;
I look within for your hold;
Ticking ticking ticking hold~

For one day you will be mine my lover;
Though you must pursue me not you!
Oh! Angel of Death;
Great Final Washer;

You cleanse all my sins;
All my hopes;
Dreams unsaid!

You are Finality; Final Final Death!
Oh! I wish for you;
Long for you;
And think of your love when I am quite down;
Dear Deathly Angel of Death!

For to the Christian;
Who does not pursue you!
You are a lover;
Oh! What a beautiful Caress~

Dear Kiss, Kiss me; Kiss of my dearest Death;

I await you patiently;
A surprise gift~
I know not when you will strike;
And pleasure me with love!

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