Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Smoke and Flashes of Light!

Sound echos here.
I hear it sing.
A new song, A song I do not sing.
And I announce it, not to the world,
I say not a word,
I merely listen, quietly,
To an echo within that is not me.

Sounds echo here, here in my soul.
And they have me bent all out of shape.

And I send signals, I light flares, and make do with fiery words lit in hidden fire,
I mirror, and I make louder,
I seek to be seen, I seek to be heard.

I speak into the echo,
To darkness, and to light.

Sounds echo here.
Perhaps I hear them in this chamber, echo, echo, climbing sounds into higher ground,
I wonder, as I see fiery lights, and the ever climb, smog.

Sounds announce, they blast into bursts of urgent newly formed reams, and rhythmic beats,
Sounds echo here, and my soul too.

I say not a word, though I sing a song that is not mine,
I merely listen, cautiously, to the echos that respond,
I am all bent out of shape, cautious, alarmed,

But sounds echo here, and the noise continues to grow,
And somehow I am calm,
Sounds echo here,
And I echo you, with me.

Sounds echo here, you echo, echo for all that is me.