Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Your remains

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look at the ripped up photo,
Collected together pieces,
Let's call them your remains,
Like an ashen casket set!

I look at them and mourn you,
And miss you like fiery winds of hell,
Upon the desert plains!
Of the tundra, of my soul's hopes!

You were once my warm hope,
You were once my love,
Why I woke and why I slept,
Why I breathed or spoke a note!

And yet, to me is nothing,
And for me you do not will;
This testimony you gave,
This is what's read out!

And I look at your ashes,
Hardly ashes yet!
A few smooth ripped up photographs,
And the haunted soul of my heart led,

But I was never yours;
You were never mine;

A ghost I miss indeed;
All my hopes were of you;
Who only ever lies;
Wherever, any plateau ends!

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