Friday, December 30, 2011

Translation of my poem: The Journey Over Convex Shapes!


A Blizzard! Snow! It pushes with violence,
Angry winds, make the heavy thick snow,
Veer to the edge of sight,

As I scale mountains,
And seek crevices, caves, so shallow,

Still, my eyes, which observe green, red and blue to see all colours,
Are overloaded with white,
The combination of all other types of light,

I am overloaded,
My threshold of sight reached,
I cannot see any but white light.

The only heat here is from my body,
But the icy cold surrounds it,
And takes away my heat,
Which saturates,
Into cold!

I am blinded by white,
And losing heat!

Snow surrounds me in isolation,
And hypothermia!

(I wrote this in English others did not understand, so this is the simpler version)

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