Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Those black frilly lace shoes

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I must admit on seeing them, on you..
By Fashion, my view of you changed!
What fashion, sense!
What beautiful shoes!

How did you come by them,
Was there a second pair,
My my, oh my, what shoes you wear!

And how they put you above the rest!
Why with those shoes,
You go anywhere you want!

You can walk to arizona, and past mexico for lunch!
You can tread the North Pole,
And know exactly about all ice!
And walk to Africa, and through it!
And solve all our problems,

With those beautiful black lace! Frilly high heeled shoes!

Truly! Those shoes are everything!
What would we all be without you wearing them!
We celebrate you,
For your shoes!

Such shoes! You are grand!
Far greater than the designer,
That is a sure truth,
Such shoes!
They elevate you, beyond
The height God set you at!

And set you a throne above the hades!
But love,
Do come down from there for a second,
Listen to me,
Naturally taller than thee!

Those shoes do not spare you judgement,
Not from me or from God!

And dressing to please me,
If not the whole world, with your fashion, love!
It doesn't undo wrongs!

It doesn't make me weep less,
When, wearing such beautiful shoes,
You have a tendency to disappoint:
To put those material things,
Before the truly material to God! And to Me!

So wear those shoes!
But make sure they lift you closer to heaven,
And don't make you bump into the ceiling that is hell!

That you falsely are told,
Is just above!
When the staircase leads only below,
And to disappearing,
And yes! Losing those shoes!
That you can only take to heaven,
In the form of love! And justice!

Not the false perceptions of fallible idiocy!
Not allowed: high heeled shoes in hell!

In heaven perhaps!
Love! But not, love,
If you choose the sinful,
That wish you harm,

As but advantageous sinners want!

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