Friday, March 19, 2010

Wait, ANC did worse, was a vote of full confidence

note by Marc Aupiais

Apparently, both BBC's text and Etv (not unexpectedly on the second) were wrong, or I misheard, Reuters, a real news agency, is saying that the ANC amended the COPE (basically ex-ANC members upset with Zuma) vote of no confidence before it went to vote, so that it was a vote of full confidence in polygamist Zuma's leadership, despite his multiple adulteries. Zuma was in Zimababwe, doing more quiet diplomacy with Mugabe, even if (sometimes ANC drop-outs) COPE wanted him to do some quit diplomacy for the country, and rather, Zuma was doing quiet diplomacy with those seeming mugs who allegedly buy that Mugabe will actually let go of the reigns (pun intended) of power. Anyone have confidence in the intelligence of South African voters?

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