Saturday, March 20, 2010

Believe me or not

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Believe me or not,
I say not in jest!

When I speak of you yet,
Near no one does
Few I tell, yet so few believe!
Even less would,
If I told them in full!
Though we both know true,
I'd tell none it all!

And your secrets are safe,
No lock, no key, not even
written, my riddle!

When I am asked,
I contradict my belief,
Or simply equivocate!
Perhaps wrong indeed,
Though I speak as though
Imperical, as though
We were sure of things,

Yet, you, are temperamental,
Though I quite well- do
these days sometimes read!

Believe me or not,
I fear, dear dynamic maiden,
I am terrified of you,
Even this foolish folly,
I fear you not for me!

And the thought,
It hurts me,
It drills into my marrow!

And I know you'd hurt me,
Or anything to keep me!

Yet I fear you dear,
To lose you mare!

What is real, is love,
between us!?

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