Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today's gospel: fawn over girls

Article by Marc Aupiais

Ok- the title possibly may be a bit tongue in cheek. The Gospel today focuses on "be first to serve"- on the way in which the greatest in heaven is the servant of others.

For me, I like to view the world as a family- except where you can marry your sister in humanity- if she meets your (my) really high standards!

Why does this apply? Because a person who serves another without reward builds up love and appreciation and feelings of need and affection. Just as I may fawn over a girl to gain affection- in order to teach: the apostles must be taught to be leaders in more than the awesome power of their position. Jesus teaches leadership via love, and leadership by influence in addition to the power of their divine position.

The concept of subsidiarity is vital here, although portrayed or manipulated perhaps. It may be better to first use influence before power. It may be better to lead by example- it may be of benefit to aid others when reasonable and willingly and when wise, and correctly cautious enough.

When we serve we may build another power- a bond of love, which is built with truth. We must watch not to be abused for evil or harm, but cautious aid of others may be of great benefit to any one of our souls and to our Gospel and our God.

After all, God tells us (in my view perhaps figuratively) to greet all in the marketplace- he is certainly a social God! Service pro bona can when bona fides cause a stronger bond of love and trust.

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