Friday, March 5, 2010

I used to support so-called abortion, de jure gay marriage et al

Article by Marc Aupiais

I don't know exactly when I became pro-life, or if I always had a sense. I did feel as though God told me condoms were yuck when I first saw one. I have not and vow on my life, I never will wear one ever in my life. As for abortion, somehow by confabulation, I feel as though I supported it once. I certainly never thought it murder, until Creative Minority Report had me asking: what is life? Who is human? What is murder? Really... And truly!

As for gay marriage. I remember watching with disgust a protestant or the like Christian program, where a homosexual prostitute turned from his lifestyle. I wondered why those involved were so judgemental.

Odd isn't it, how views change. I grew out of the perceptions of my society! I discovered that I was wrong, in my views.

As for gender theory: I have never seen a lesbian or the like agree with me and the guys on what is beautiful in a girl. They are as blind as any other lady: as blind as I am as to the looks of guys.

What changed: I realised the latent effect: I discovered the harm the television does not tell you of. I read the statistics, and looked into the science and facts.

I read the bible, and learnt from the church, and truth. I read international law and got a shock. As far as I am concerned both abortion and the promotion and endorsement by the state of de jure gay marriage: are human rights abuses.

As yes, I think homosexuality evil and intrinsically disordered, any of those acts, which the ANC government promotes!

I oppose abortion and de jure gay marriage. I oppose gender theory, and all the rest!

Of course, I also oppose the ANC, and wonder at an education system that so willingly attempts to promote such death!

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