Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vatican Missionary News Service airs voice condemning superstitious Thai "red" protesters

Article by Marc Aupiais

Before noting what the Agenzia Fides the official news service of the Pontifical Missionary Society has to say, I must note that in accordance with the Witchcraft Suppression Act: I strictly oppose and decry any suggestions that any real sort of magic is being used by protesters, the protesters may believe they are using magic, due to Thai Buddhist superstition, and this is what I believe Fides is referring to: mere superstition:

The protesters' reliance on a non-existent "supernatural force", clearly shows the showmanship of a dying protest.

The person quoted is an expert in Thai culture, including their illogical superstitions.

What is notable, is that Fides article slants towards the government, and suggests that these empty symbols, such as the mass throwing of human blood on the house of the Prime Minister, seen illogically as a curse, and not just a waste of blood, in the empty and wrong Thai superstition, are signs of the protests losing weight.

"On the protest of the "red," supporters of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinavatra, which has been taking place in the capital for four days, Fr. Maier tells Fides: "It has been extremely shocking for the public. The Red Shirts have used superstition, [what Thai society wrongly believes to be rituals of] black magic [which I, dutifully, in accordance with South African law: affirms, does not exist, and is no danger to anyone!], and the use of human blood as a sign of [the protester's claiming wrongly that they are] cursing the government. The public did not appreciate these extreme gestures. Shedding of blood, the sacred symbol of life, has been decried by many and was an act harshly condemned. The Buddhist monks now want to 'remove the curse' and return 'good security' to the government palace and the house of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajjiva, which are stained with blood."The missionary continues: "There are former communists who wish to retake the political space and the former Prime Minister Thaksin would do anything to regain power. Some analysts say his plan would be to become the first president of Thailand, displacing even the monarchy. But, the Prime Minister in office will not resign, nor does it appear that the army intends to support the protest of the 'Red.' The attempt to subvert the established order seems to have failed. This is why today, the movement works only to save their dignity and integrity, to not admit resounding defeat. ""

I repeat, neither Fides, nor their source seem to be affirming the Thai superstition, rather, they seem to be showing the symbolic meaning, in the superstitious Thai culture of the rituals engaged in by the superstitious rural protesters. The real danger of spilling blood- may be a spread of disease and unsanitary effects.

What I can say, is that I like the Catholics in Thailand pray for peace. Prayerfully a sanity will remain. Fortunately, these desperate, revolting signs, show a protest which has turned desperate.

I do not guarantee that the Vatican missionary news expert is an expert, perhaps the spilling of blood has another meaning. There certainly, I strongly note: is no witchcraft involved, whatever the protesters do or do not believe!

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