Thursday, March 11, 2010

I cry because I love you

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Our government here sees us as a problem!
We're scapegoated for apartheid,
We're scapegoated for the sins of the west!

Daily I live in fear,
All to aware of the laws unfair!
All to aware of the hate,
Of the fear!

As our government speaks of us,
A problem quite declared!

Daily I am convinced to live on,
What else can one do,
Where else can one go?
My speech though vague,
Is not like where you live!

And I wonder at you-
We are different and so!

What I see as bad,
You may see only sad,
Or my view as mad!

I worry for you,
All snug and safe!

As again I check the gate,
And the doors,
And burglar bars!

I wonder when the day will come,
When I am no more!
Even my people here,
We may one day be no more!

For where your people cared for our persecutors,
Where you saved them from some of our own!
Yet, now comes revenge,
We are left all alone!

I do not like your country,
Even your lips move all different,
As you somehow still speak!

How can I endorse its value system,
Such a double edged sword?

And yet I work myself silly,
I am not welcome in my own country!
I work hard because poverty is death,
For those of European decent!

And yet I look at you,
Safe and tucked into bed!
With a government you don't much fear,
And no one screaming for your people to be dead!

And I wonder, do you much care?
Of those spoils of what your country did?

Yet will not do again it seems,
To save us who you risk to death?

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