Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Speaking of sex and virginity

Article by Marc Aupiais

For those quite perplexed by my complexity of prose and poem, perhaps an article once again is a relief. Alas, it's too complex.

There's always the odd image: a French waiter: poor, and without much. Yet, he is greater than the foreigner who eats where he works. He is greater for culture, for his inner art, even the French blood in his veins. He thinks himself great!

I have had few friends and many. I have never been poor- but I have been lost for friends- before.

How I judge myself, is sometimes in success and wealth- but always first I assume something else.

I have always been taught this: the importance of class.

We often see on television, in conversing and in novels, plays and other books- we see blatant or less so: even latent reference to sex and to those things which are generally better left private.

We see also degrees of nudity, sometimes as though for art. What sort of low class art or message in fact?

For me, in these is no class.

Without just cause I do not speak of sex if it can be avoided. I think those who speak of such things lewd, or low in class, should there be no just cause.

I do speak of doctrine on sex, and even spoke of my virginity to my entire grade while still in high school. Yet, as regards a blatant even public use of sex as a topic, as regards sexual humour, or those sexual phrases we call swear words, as regards some forms of dancing, singing, speech, prose and clothes... Some things, by these media: we sin by mentioning.

Sex is a private subject, of the interest of married couples and between them. One may well speak on the topic with very close friends, but it is without class to speak on such in public without just cause.

When we speak often of something- we may more easily perform it. If we obsess on something, we may well easily fall. Or make it seem, quite impossibly, acceptable!

Further, low class conversing may well cause one to diverge from what one must focus on, or degrade the speaker.

It causes one not to form true real connections, should one's humour be that.

I personally don't believe it even a person's interest if I am dating someone, never mind more. Sex is only for marriage, and I think that unless there is good reason, just reason, what another does or does not do involving it, is none of my business, nor that of anyone else's.

It's without class to speak of, except with the right words, and circumstance: just cause! And without just cause, I would think it may be very sinful to speak of sexual intercourse, or person's foreplay or other such topic!

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