Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I'm leaving the DA

Article by Marc Aupiais

When my grandfather died, so many strange, self-important people were at his funeral, politicians or union people and the like whom the family never knew. The Irish Regiment of the South African National Defence Force played the Bag-pipes, while the National Union of Mine Workers put their flag over his coffin.

He was a doctor by profession, a politician by persuasion, and possibly a socialist in his view of economics.

He stood for, I think it was called the Progressive Federal Party; against Apartheid's Nationalists in Welkom, for an end to Apartheid. Eventually he got about ten percent of the vote.

The white anti-Apartheid PFP, later had a name change to the Democratic Party, and then the Democratic Alliance.

My extended family is connected both with the ruling ANC and with the DA. I have always supported the DA- believing in Opposition politics. But when racist policy and legislation, gay "marriage" and the like were pushed by the ANC along with South Africa's reported Tax-payer funded abortion, I was glad to support the DA. I had stopped defending the ANC by then.

I joined the Democratic Alliance Students Organisation quite by accident. I liked the DA, and asked their recruiter where the Catholic Society table was, as I couldn't find it that day. Because they had help me, I joined. A friend then asked me to come to elections for the executive. I stood and became part of it. Since I left school, I have never lost an election.

But I feel increasingly that I would rather dedicate my time to other matters. Politics are vital and important, but I feel I am better suited elsewhere.

I will still report on politics, and my reporting which was not dependent on affiliation will not change with me leaving the DASO executive at my university. It won't change with me leaving the DA. I have always prided myself on mental independence from organisations.

I am leaving because I feel I must leave, but not because of much more. I listen to my feelings, always!

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