Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When I think of you Anger and anguish, do stew

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Though I'd care to stare,
And care to any weight bare,
It crosses my mind,
Like a half wounded leopard's cares,

A paranoia is there,
Emotion does flair,
When I think of you, so fine and fair,
I must work to be fair!

A snake rises, it dances it's
head, it prances, and prepared...

I look to you, jealous black
beauty of a mare,
With the temper of a
jealous stallion you scare

But what must I of it bare,
For I too, like you, of you
do care!

Must one watch and stare?
I am yours over here and
Over there,

Tainted taste, bitter black
coffee, yet so fair!

I melt like coffee, or butter...
Should you care!

Yet, while jealous,
Do you care, to tell me of your where?

So I can less worry,
Or less seem unfair?

We both should care,
Yet do you give me much to bare?

For my anger and anguish,
Come in my love!

Much do I hate you,
As much as I care!

And I cannot forget you,
My anger wants for you fair,
Wants for you better,
Wants for you care!

And my hate is love,
I want to stare,
I melt in your site, (and sight),
My hate, is in care!

But is it true, you cannot
hug a big giant bear?

Is it you or I who should

I do wish you were here!

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