Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is 70 x 7?

Note by Marc Aupiais

Yesterday's gospel speaks of 70 x 7: essentially whereby Jesus demands forgiveness whenever and wherever due. Note that the creditor and debtor relationship is determined by the man. Yet, we cannot forgive everything and expect forgiveness, nor never judge, and be apathetic, and expect God's love.

The person truly is sorry, and wants to make amends. Rather than be given a chance to make things right, he is prevented from. This is not an unrepentant man being forgiven, nor is it demanding that his debt be cleared. It is asked that he get a chance to prove himself where just.

It is only wise to judge the world as is. Remember the past- do not give temptation to sin. Yet, where it is clear there is sorrow, we must allow a person to pay us back.

This is why a broad death penalty is a mortal sin!

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