Saturday, March 6, 2010

At once I say, yet I lie

Poem by Marc Aupiais

At once I say I could not
love you,
Yet really, it is a prayer to
God, for your good, and

At once I say, if this or that!
Yet, should I not love you,
Shall I be dead?
Really - I love you none the
And I fear it, for I fear you,

My loyal, dynamic,
Black beauty,
My pure,
True monstrous,
Beautiful mare.

Man cannot live on bread

Yet nor can I live without
the strength of your kiss!

I could never abandon you,
But with what faded

...dignity I thought I had

I sought to stop my fall into your arms!

I must never again resist:
'cept to stop me the lion,

From ever becoming a

Though I must kiss her a
thousand million times a

We are similar, we are not
The same!

And that makes our shared
worship, all the more our inherited

I love you, but I want all
true you!

In God alone is you!

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