Saturday, March 13, 2010

I sin, and I wonder, and then I collapse

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Oh, the shaded true colours,
What wonderment in scent and smell!

Oh the world one sees,
What a pragmatic choice:

What else can one do?
Not that burden: trusting

Let's take the burden off...
What man can do right!
Really, what a pathetic
case! In point, I must now
make it shake and deadly

And I wonder and wait!
I know what now awaits!

I know the joy it brings,
To me, you, to others,
One flies on one's choice
Of broken flying ice!

And I fly, above,
I wonder, not shy!

And I wait and think,
And make a choice,
In point, I make!

... Yet you know my choice,
As though my God!

And I turn to you,
And in wonderment,

I as you to join me, surely
you would!
In this spiral down to
highest hades!

And great joy- I hope,
I want you to spur me on!

What a challenge not to sin,
Who is God, does He think himself God?

And now I cannot escape!
I've fallen into this trap,
All arrayed in shades
colour and smell,
In wonder and scent,
In much happiness,
So little spent!

What ease is sin, I ask,
Yet you no longer laugh!

I look at you now,
We've both been spurred on,
And in comfort I took,
That you also went on!

Yet now I look at you,
Whom I betrayed!

My eyes water, I ensnared,
Entrapped you!
By my sin, I've trapped all of now
What was once wonderful you, so good, so true!

I look at your eyes,
Crying, spurning tears!

And we wonder together,
What shall we do!

Why is it one should sin
with others,

But not spur on right... !

A true friend is this:
One who leads, when need,
And follows indeed,
And together does right!
And sometimes acts not

Both spur on right!

You know my sins,
You know quite well mine!

I know your secrets!

So let's turn together,
Make everything right, right!

For when sin substitutes friendship, love, truth!
Things always are awry!

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