Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is the king of Spain excommunicated

Note by Marc Aupiais

I'm sure anyone monitoring the news will know: Spain, under those dreadful socialists has rabidly expanded access to procedures aimed at aborting unborn life.

In accordance with procedure, the king of Spain signs the bills of parliament. Mr Peters, over at In Light of the Law, questioned Human Life International's attempt to ask the Spanish bishops to declare the king of Spain excommunicated. He noted that only the pope can judge a head of state under canon law, assuming of course that the king of Spain is the Spanish head of state. He then seemingly questioned on what basis HLI thought the king excommunicated, and snubbed their knowledge of the Legis Canonici.

The Spanish bishops in my view overstepped the mark by saying that the king of Spain would not be excommunicated by signing. Excommunication in re abortion is done by the act (automatically). One should be cautious. Also, they are neither the pope, nor thus in right jurisdiction to judge a head of state.

There is a very good argument in my view, for saying that the Spanish king did contribute adequately to incur excommunication for aiding and abetting abortion to a contributory degree! My training is in Roman, South African and Roman Dutch law, but South African legal science, largely originated in the same parent system as the Legis Canonici.

Mr Peters undoubtedly calls signing an evil choice. The king of Belgium, was impeached and re-installed in similar circumstances. He refused to sign.

Must the law makers who promote abortion be denied communion, while a church ally who signs their sin into law is not?!

Both should be denied communion for the sake of their souls! But Mr Peters is right! Only the pope can declare the Spanish king excommunicated. But nor can the Spanish bishops say he is not!

And you are right- it's highly unlikely the pope will judge the case- in the highly political correct ethos the church has adopted since John Paul II had taken the ropes. Much of the church continues to preach an eqivocated gospel! Even if Benedict XVI is beginning to change things. He is still unlikely to make a declaration against the king, even if guilty!

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