Thursday, March 4, 2010

The shallow end of the depths of hades and fools

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I look to you, whom I once loved,
Whom my soul adored more than God,
For whom I live, and would've died,
I look at you, as we head to hades,
I laugh, I spur you on.

I look to you and your empty life, I take the dagger, I push it further in, and in,
You help others, you're very nice, but we both know your great harm to life.

And your help of others seems to distract,
From the way you truly act,
And indeed,

Though you may know it not,
Your help does more harm than good.

I look at you, once my love,
I look at you, my life, my only one,
And look at you, my reason for living,

And indeed, and act as though to make our ends meet,
I see you there, I want your harm,
I want it because I cannot cope.
As I die, I want you gone,

As though for empathy, for sympathy I'd take a life.

Yet that part, which once loved you,
Yet it wants all good,
While all else wants hurt for you,
It's the part by which I live.

And I look to you, whom I spurred on,
And I look at hades- right forward and on.

And I ask myself, shall we not turn back to light.

And I ask myself, shall we not turn back to life!

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