Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twice today

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Twice today was I asked for!
They must have thought I was blind,
One asked if I were taken!
"To speak of that isn't a policy of mine"!

It was almost having you here,
I knew you were with me today!
Like my guardian angel!
I love it when you haunt me!

The phantom of my life's
My music of God's created

I miss you as I write!

I riled up a friend today!
I tested them in debate!
I see all truthfully!
I judge as though with God!

I wonder when I debate with you!
It's different when we equate!

I love you for being you,
For being alive and well!

Yet so distant are we,
To speak in ruines,
To talk all indirect!

Sometimes, we value most!
And often do we hide!
Often do we value most,
Often do we hide!

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