Friday, March 5, 2010

You are a truly good person

Article by Marc Aupiais

Okay, this should be a short article. For References, see Romans 1 and Lumen Gentium XVI.

As a law student, I am privileged to be catholic. The science of law, and of moral theology have much in common. Notably is the position of guilt.

Now, I may have a very negative effect on the world, and do much harm, but if it is unintentional and I am bona fides (acting with good and honest intention), I may not in fact be guilty, or as guilty. Of course, here law and theology differ. In law- there is the reasonable person test. If a reasonable person would have, you might still be in trouble.

In theology, we have a duty to seek the truth and obey it. Our circumstances are accounted for. Still, in order to save, we must also note the objective. In choosing friends, we note this also.

It is true and dogma: you cannot be saved outside the Roman Catholic church... it is also dogma, that those who through no fault of their own, do not know of the obligation to enter the church, may possibly still see salvation. Sound like a legal document much?

Of course those persons are still saved by the church, by their communion with truth, and it's (truth's and the church's) prayers and good works! Always Always obey informed conscience, make sure you inform your conscience though! We serve truth, literally, not as though a metaphor! Though we may not understand truth adequately yet!

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