Sunday, March 7, 2010

Every moment a watch, a panic in love

Poem by Marc Aupiais

Below the folds of your
skirt, or dress, I have
Taken refuge!

A beautiful dress on a beautiful
Yet hide me,
Hide me in your folds,
In your home I've
Taken refuge.

I look to you,
Your love sustains me!
I look within your heart!
but yet- hope it's entirely

And from below your skirts,
Hiding- I observe the world!
And next to your feet,
I crawl!

I am absorbed into love,
I want no escape,
The bars I strengthen,
I dare not bend them!

And your voice is heaven,
Your absence like hell!

Your's are my chime and my bell,
And my comfort in pain!

And that is why I judge my fair dame!
For you are so much,
I fear becoming lame,
And some shame!

I judge you so,
For I love,
And though I trust,
I love!

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