Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cosmos catholici

Poem by Marc Aupiais

While alone, I will be gregarious,
I am never alone, though locked and key.. correct!

No cell but yours keep me,
No prison, but the freedom of love, Eternal!

To be for you I am to be kept!

They will call me a fool,
A lap-dog, so I'd accept..

One who submits, to one they think to be lack!
Hardly they know the truth on lack!

I shall nev'r on any hight or landscape's prom. turn my back on true you!

You are not the devil's witch,
Your spell, which is all of
you, is by prayer,
It is God who has chained me,
All of me in your heart,
It is his spell on us both,
Of truth, dear!

And my submission, in love,
It saves many souls,

And my foolishness prove,
My humble lift high!

For they treat you quite high,
Rightly they do,
To be true, though,
Non sequitur, is their general way!

And though I know your sin,
It is true mine too!
In the world I am,
Humble must I find to become!

I will not: to leave you ever:
I will: To die when you do,
But live if God not afford!

You are my calling,
I am fallen into!

Not pride,
In truth,
Lead me and you!

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