Monday, March 8, 2010

I still live in Africa y'know!

Here internet is expensive and limited, not just by the so-called national firewall, but also in how much you use.

Now, my twitter often links to the Vatican's You Tube or the like. That does not mean I watch it much. I love Pope Benedict XVI as our leader, when I watch the Angelus I feel faith, but mostly this I entirely forgo!

As for regular use I use You Tube a bit, but at times at the cost of not having internet access for a day!

So, if there is something important on You Tube which you know I will watch- tell me- otherwise describe it- because it's too expensive just to use.

In South Africa, internet is an expensive luxury. An experiment was done possibly from Johannesburg to Cape Town or the like. A flash drive with information was couriered faster and cheaper than transferring it online.

Internet is a luxury- so we use it wisely here! If you want to talk to a South African, be sparing with You Tube! We like it, but sparingly!

I probably won't view your link except some circumstances!

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