Thursday, March 4, 2010

On the side, we had our humour and moments, yet now the side was but the centre in disguise

Poem by Marc Aupiais

On the side, we had our moments,
In the dusk and dawn, we hid those thoughts,
In cinema, and moving picture box,
We quietly endorsed the death of thought.

We returned to death, to instinct,
In a world where it had been deadly.

What a society are we.
Where the grade is always in the how many lowers,
Where each youth is born more evil,

Where everything slides with the drought stricken land of, this death ridden abundance.
And as I wish I could leave you, As i do wish i could be,
Yet without you


I lose all, though not my threats.

What was mere entertainment, some fun, some surprise?
How did it become the very gist of our broken lives!?

How can we now here survive...

To thrive!

Can we still endorse that sacred thing, anciently known:

... .... .... ... ... as dignity's and honesty's life?

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