Saturday, March 6, 2010

The face of those you may oppose

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I saw in their face, once,
Once again.

They were beautiful, or vaguely pretty,
Some were ugly,
None were you!

Whatever countries,
whatever province,

... They came from!

They asked me for me too,
As though I'd think of any
but yet not you?

And so I hated them,
All for you!

And so I avoided them,
Only you!

And they spoke of me,
All the more!

And so they came after
As though I were distant,
And aloof!

And yet, I never wanted it,
The attention perhaps!

And I am yours,
None else could compare!

And in the distance,
I looked for you!
And in my heart,
I weighted for you!

And yet,
I'd hardly make a move to

I would no longer be aloof!
Yet, I want to be aloof for

If only you'd make the move,
And you love to me also-

In the meantime...
I love it when you remain
Aloof! It's pure and truth!

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