Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Confidence vote in Zuma

Note by Marc Aupiais

The ANC didn't dare launch one against Mbeki- basically a move to impeachment. The BBC says it is the first time this sort of vote happened since the end of Apartheid. COPE had no chance of success, they surely know, and activist ("we like to air porn") ETV's (once accidentally reported that Obama died?-BBC says of them) news were surely sucking thumb when they said the vote may have backfired. It made a message to the world- who really matter!

COPE cited Zuma's multiple promiscuous adulteries- his sexual risk-taking. Sisulu, the defence minister, who army members allegedly planned to kidnap once, who owes Zuma everything, and Zuma pet Radebe shouted, as ANC members danced- effectively telling the world that they support Zuma's sexual folly. A wise ANC would have quietly voted down the motion by basically Ex-ANC COPE! The NEC, says leftist M&G, the high council of the ANC (National Executive Committee), allegedly fear Zuma's affect on voters, an ANC behind Zuma could worsen it. Instead, the ANC, blind to basic politics: over-reacted, and made the country look foolish and backward.

Following EuroNews showing images of violent protests, some of many flaring everywhere, BBC now reports on a No Confidence vote. Zuma is looking foolish!

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