Thursday, March 25, 2010

Second vote on healthcare

Note by Marc Aupiais

Republicans use two minor errors, to send healthcare bill, which America's Catholic Bishops claim will fund abortion back to house of Representatives. The send back is reported by EuroNews! It was already signed by pro-abortion Barak Obama!

After folding to presidential pressure, previously pro-life Catholic Bart Stupak, has even now gone as far as to deny the authority of the pope, says Thomas Peters, a prominent layman in America. Bart Stupak, has for years until now been able to rely on the support of the USCCB to pass legislation. Both the Catholic Bishops, and pro-life groups are almost certain to find ways to punish Stupak for his betrayal of their alliance.

Thomas Peters, who has written for a bipartisan pro-life cause, has claimed that the pro-life Democrat is still not a myth. Conservatives have begun circulate a video, claimed to show Stupak saying he would support a widening of abortion coverage, if it achieved his other means. Claims of money changing hands have also since been made.

The healthcare fight has discovered a deep rift in the Catholic church between Catholics loyal to the pope, and Catholics who use their religion to front the political cause of the Democratic party, and who inevitably either trivialise the mass and systematic murder of innocents, which is wrongly called just abortion and not murder, or else, these even dare to directly support it!

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