Monday, March 22, 2010

To be not gregarious, or else not deep

Poem by Marc Aupiais

You may ask why distant, though I think you know,
I do not much care for those in close,
A few good friends, though none as much as you know,
My deepest secrets, my great shame, not for me alone.

I am quite private my dear, I like to stay hidden,
Though for you, I would light all the world!
Or set it alight!

We are both garrulous and both deep,
We both fear, we want each other to keep.
Our society is not likewise,
Our manners not the same.

Our morals may be different, compromise for me all the same!

Do not be all distant, you change when you truly love,
Forget their wounds, or remember them,
But do not transfer unto me their epithet.
Do not kill my hopes and dreams.

When I ask you change, it is only a request,
Though I may ask forcefully, it is after all, for your best.

I am here for later, and here early on,
Let us eat Italian together, French or Japanese!
It is only cuisine, dear, what matters is what hurts the heart.

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