Friday, April 29, 2011

The loving Ghost

Poem ~Marc~Aupiais~

A crack in the wall,
Of my mind,
My soul!

Perfect for you dear serpent.
And through it,
Whispered my future,
Spoke of time,
Of space,
And lack thereof,
Of you!

And you my Ghost I fell for deep,
How odd it was,
I knew you in my sleep!

Your words before you spoke,
What you'd said!

And yet,
Though sense so truth,
Yet death so soot!

Waar is die waarheid?
Die dood van waarheid,
Dit is selfmoord!
Speak to me of sooth!
Speak of hidden proof,
Of why my heart doth not love doodmaak,
But staid!

And I sense the truths,
And thus withdrawn,
Is my aches!
Least death take my soul,
Darkness beget!

I must perhaps, maybe,

And never forgive.

And I wonder-
Should I go ahead,
And make this,
Life's deadly choice-

To walk!
To live!
To laugh!

This black dark star!

I must perhaps, maybe,
Forget! Be less!

And I wonder...
Should I make the choice...

...To forget!

I am not set!
I cannot make,
I want to acclaim!

Yet I can't move on,

Loving Ghost,
I know not,

Yet I sense you yet!
I miss that sensed!

Loving Ghost,
Are doth not dead!

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