Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blocking the path to something other

Article by Marc Aupiais

Perhaps to start with: Evil is lack where there should be good. One can have good traits and be evil. Its why I believe that some people who in the eyes of the world: are good, are in my opinion worse even than Hitler or Attila the Hun.

This morning I was running late. I have been for a while, I am ill after all, who knows from who or how: but I have a viral infection, which may even last weeks. For a while I even chose to save my voice. I still am speaking as little as is viable. Despite this, people don't seem to hear me, or else to recognize my voice. I had a friend wave at me, when they saw me, but not note when I spoke, they always recognize my ordinary voice.

This morning I was running late. And when we arrived at university, as usual there weren't many or any visible parks. I drove up a hill to a special group of parks I'd found. One last was open just at the edge. We took the long walk down, and I parted with my friend, to rush late into class.

When I left to go home for a rest before my next lecture, a large bakkie (USA: pick-up truck) had parked behind me, its left passenger door open at the front, but seemingly with no one in the car. It clearly belonged to construction workers. I did all my manoeuvres, and even came to be almost parallel with the offending, illegally parked vehicle, but try as I might, I could not safely get past.

A figure awoke in the bakkie and tried to guide me out... it was no use, I insisted they reverse... I barely got out... they took my park.

I drove out and up a famous road through the university. Suddenly, another construction vehicle stopped in front of me. Centimetres ahead of me, it stopped, putting the yellow emergency lights on, by a bend in the road with little visibility, and in such a way as to make it hard for me to reverse. I did my best, and rushed into the opposing side. I drove home exhausted, and likely coughing.

When we left University today, myself more rested, we came to the booms at the entrance, and I went through. The car in front stopped, and my car was in that spot where the boom could come down. I hooted, they refused to move just those inches. I swore I'd sue if my car were wrecked. Those booms had wrecked a friend's car I recalled. The robot (USA: traffic lights) changed, and I rushed forward, the boom closed behind me.

All these motor-vehicles blocked my way, and endangered me. It happens daily on our roads, with motor-vehicles, with vehicles, with pedestrians. I only here relate what happened inside or near my university, and not any of the other times when vehicles stopped in the middle of the road on my journey today, having been going sixty or more kilometres an hour. I did not relate vehicles driving in the right hand lane, to avoid parked vehicles filling most of the left, or how I avoided pedestrians in the roads.

All these vehicles become obsticles, and cause us to make desperate or sometimes unwise moves. Sometimes an obsticle is good, a red robot, or the obligations of marriage, and family, a job or contract, or exclusiveness of dating one and one alone. But sometimes, people take the place where others should be.

Sometimes a lesser solution is given, losing lives. Sometimes a lesser person becomes a role model, ending lives. Ending souls... ending eternal lives.

Evil is not only just in actions but in lack. Become the fullest person you may be- obey God entirely. Do not obstruct the traffic to heaven, obstruct the traffic to hell.

Stand in the way of evil. And stand where God put you. Don't go wrecking me or my car, to put it metaphorically. Be actively good! Be honest with this word, though wise in what you are honest about. Be prudent, have fortitude, be temperate, be chaste! Service to God, then to saints, and angels, then to those who are good. Do not aid and abet people as they practice evil, aid and help those who do right fully.

For what you give an inadequate solution, you take away from the one who would answer a challenge adequately! Be a vehicle for the saints, for God, and Angels, for Good, not evil!

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