Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The whisper

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I spoke to, of you, whisper!
I know your path to life!

I knew the secrets of death,
Of life and life and life!

Yet, should you truly seek me, You must never now

Should you seek me in winter
Here it is summer or spring!

Use powerful tools: reality
And truth!

To get through and past
the glacial ice, that knife
of night alight!

Due, never forget to serve
true, this I know is true of

Seek me in the wind and leaves!
Seek my soul past seas!

Seek me in the church and chapel,

Remember me with ease,
For I am living, and moving!
Mountains melt on my breath,
Let hope engage all dreadful dread!

I await, do not hate, dear friend!
I await, await, await!

For you know me,
You whisper, as do I!

And on my strength you push and pull through dawn and day,
You secretly travel,
And secretly move,
Onto the path,
Which brings you, me life!

Whisper truth, more powerful than any power,
Truth, love, reality, hope!
We find withering hope,
To true divine,

Follow me, eat from my heart,
Never neglect the path of truth and heart!
Both necessary,
Both to | do guide!

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