Friday, March 5, 2010

A bolt of blown truth away

Poem by Marc Aupiais

As sure as the sun.
For the dawn and dusk are not sure.
Not for me anyway.

As sure as the moon.
I love the night,
It's day to me!

As sure as our love,
It exists now in you,
And with me!

As sure as not gravity,
In gravity I sometimes
don't believe.

As sure as not my mind or kind.
As sure as not my people,
My people whom you may one day despise,
If you saw through our shallow new disguise!

Though our people, yours one day or mine,
These you will never despise!

Sure is the night breeze,
As Dawn: becomes our hurricane!
Though our love be hidden,
By, but, from all but us,
and few others!

Yet I believe in it as we
believe in God!
Though it be impossible,
Not for us!

And while my emotions
range from love to hate,
Yet in you, is my entire
life's dear range of stuff!

Still higher, I look to you,
Without you, why am I?

And yet, with you, I learn
to love!

And I always do want

And yet, to God, you give
me love!

Never is never enough!

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