Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Your smell


Everyone has a smell,
From it, we know them,
And where they are, whereupon they stand!

From it, we tell, their stance,
Their breakfast too,
And the danger in their glance!

Deception, stinks, badly, stinks!
Fear, lying, too!

To me, these are pungent,
Sickness, madness, sexuality, smell, too!

A woman smells of chemicals,
Of make up and God knows what else!

You smell of your breakfast too,
A smell to which I am not yet immune...
I might suggest a change of diet!

And water, natural,
Oh! The smell of water!
The very source of life!

I smell your passions,
I smell your hatred,
Your love, disgust!

And from your smell,
I know your potential,
As loyal, as mate!

And everything, you touch, your smell!

It lingers!
I cannot wash it out!

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