Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Do I know you at all, I ask myself

Poem by Marc Aupiais

I was upset with you love,
For what I thought-
But all the more-
For a long time now-
Furious with you!

And yet I wonder- why,
When I feel your soul-
It seems I don't know you at all!
Hate you almost!

I wonder at us-
And at your stall!
At what you say and what you think-
Is that you,

I wonder-
At God!

Was he telling the truth!
I was quite upset-
Unbelieving when he said it was you!

It took so long-
Such an amount of exception-
To accept you-
Your heritage-

And I watch you in pain-
Its why I do hate!
And betrayed you-
As you knew-
Another day!

I once trust you with my soul!
But now I don't on the surface know!

While I waited on you-
You walked round-
You say!

While I focused on God-
You served the devil!

Perhaps God wants selflessness!
You're sure my crucifixion!

A white dove rests on me!
Why does God demand this love of me?

Is it true-
Do you still love me?

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