Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hunting Elephants

Picture Elephant Light by FNB, Wits by Marc Aupiais- copyright Marc Aupiais!

Tempest and the Hurricane Poem: Hunting Elephants- by Marc Evan Aupiais

Hunting Elephants:

I broke my back with my gear;
Its 1923,
Or earlier perhaps;
As I seek ivory;
A rifle in hand;
Shooting an animal;
A thing;
Whose species extant;
Is up to him; not me;

And earlier;
Did they kill him with sword;
Behind the front leg;

Our friend the elephant;
Culled now; not hunted;
Though just as dead;
Species matter; not dearest dear Mr Elephant;

And I look through my sniper's scope;
And for the species do I fire;
Rather than capture and beyond our borders;
Mr Elephant transfer;

And Mr Elephant stands before me;
Me the hunter;
Who's never held a gun;

His ear flap;
His legs strengthen;

I stare at Mr. Elephant;
With my Elephant rifle;
And realise its hardly fair;

And I turn instead to you love;
And hunt; a hunter with no gun;
For some treasure;
To re~win your heart!

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