Saturday, July 2, 2011

... the dead ... still

The Dead Still Living Tempest and the Hurricane poem by Marc Aupiais

14th Avenue MTN fourway crossing by Marc Aupiais. Copyright Marc Aupiais.

I sit and I pray... Quite incomprehensibly perplexed

before me I see the quite ...undead... it's been said.

years before their deaths. to the world quite dead.
and with a fantastic machine... the walk again. Sing. Dance. Move again. Unsaid.

I don't like the living undead...
Their images played again and again.

and their prayers, requests.

immortal but long dead.
yet prayed to the evil undead.
by followers and sinners, and those they too made undead.

they call it illusion the undead.

as i do them. I do them. I do them resurrect.
but not the corpses of the ancient dead.
but images. Illusions. lies they said while yet undead.

and i watch ss the. I watch. the screen. flickers.
quite perplexed.

by the living undead.

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