Monday, July 4, 2011

Death no cure~ to my insanity

Picture : My Sunset : Copyright Marc Aupiais;
-by Marc Aupiais,

Tempest and the Hurricane
Poem by Marc Aupiais
Death no cure

Death no cure;
No vaccine to sanity;
Not insanity cured;
No answer in that.
Though I follow reason,
I get ill when do;
And moan and groan;
Avoiding doctors,
And their cures.
Death is no cure to insanity;
Though insanity it is not;
For reason; raw says its so;
Yet how can it be?
I wonder in throes;
And often I wish death;
For that; you or death that is;
Is my unholy choice;
And sometimes;
I choose death;
And others; the living Ghost!
Though I live my life;
Straight as an arrow;
Forward; onward; upward;
And then I dream a dream not a dream;
And tragedy happens;
Whenever I reject you!
Or a change of mind;
Last minute; yours;
As with the hour of my death;)!~

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